Essential Elements of CBPLA

Pick Me Up (PMU) is a welcoming to the school day, a chance for the entire school community to assemble and share, get ideas, learn new things together, try new activities. In short, PMUs set the tone for the school day. PMUs occur every non-LTI day (M, W, F) for approximately 30 minutes. The philosophy of the PMU is to expose students to a variety of careers, talents, ideas, and educational opportunities.

Advisory is the place where relationship between students and advisors are developed and manifested. During advisory, students are grouped with an advisor (15:1 max). Advisories should be as diverse as possible. As a cohort, the students are guided through their four-year high school experience by the one advisor who knows them best. In advisory, students work with their cohort on meaningful projects, discussions, activities and team building.

Independent Work is a time when students work at their own pace to complete various tasks related to interest exploration, the LTI experience, the advisory, and Academic Seminar. This time period is monitored and facilitated by advisors who ensure that students are making steady progress. During Independent Work advisors are available for 1:1 assistance for students who need further guidance.

Book Groups occur twice a week and are presented in various formats. Most often students read novels in small groups, which are lead by the adults in the building. However, students may also read silently to themselves or read in small groups.

QR & ER Seminar occur twice a week and are designed to ensure that all of our students are prepared to meet the challenges of the HPSA. Each seminar is led by a NJ certified teacher and the project-based curriculum is strictly aligned to the NJCCCS.