My CBPLA Experience


Andrew Weinberg
I love being an advisor at MetEast! The students and staff that surround me provide an atmosphere that is comfortable and enriching. There are always projects and events in motion because we are a project based school and that leads to greater cooperation and a multitude of opportunities for me to facilitate students with their work. The internship process allows students to follow their passions and succeed in a setting other than the classroom. I cherish the moments when I witness rigorous student work at their internship sites because it provides me with a more accurate definition of my how students are overall.

MetEast challenges me to facilitate and motivate students for so many skills. MetEast’s structure allows me to spend a considerable amount of time with my students each day. My students and I spend hours with each other daily and our strong bonds and relationships are a result of those days together. The relationships are the foundations that propel each student to success in and out of the classroom, one student at a time.